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Dr. Ross Flowers offers a number of services to support and meet the needs of clients. He will meet with individuals and teams to assess and address performance concerns. Researched and validated skills and techniques will be taught to impact presenting issues and improve performance needs. Individually tailored skills building interventions are also available to address specific needs of improvement. 

Performance mirrors life. The skills needed to improve performance can be taught to build the necessary skills to excel in life, and transition from one area of performance to another. 

Populations Served

  • Youth, High School, College Students and Student-Athletes
  • Professional Athletes
  • Olympic & Paralympic Athletes 
  • Parents of Student-Athletes 
  • Coaches
  • Agents
  • Military & Law Officers
  • C-Suite, Directors & Managers


  • Have a confidential professional resource for support and guidance
  • Learn to recognize and manage anxiety/stress
  • Develop mental and emotional management skills
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Learn periodized mental and emotional performance skills that correlate with physical training
  • Learn how to stay in the moment of performance 
  • Build skills to move potential to talent and into elite performance
  • Build YOUR process for elite performance

Coaches & Team Managers

  • Have a confidential professional resource for support and guidance
  • Build a positive and rewarding team culture
  • Develop a trusting leadership/coaching style
  • Effectively communicate and coach 
  • Recognize an individual's acceptance and application of coaching and training
  • Identify and build strengths in performance
  • Recognize and refer mental health concerns


  • Have a confidential professional resource for support and guidance
  • Be an advocate who supports your client's health and wellness
  • Learn to identify areas of mental and emotional health needs
  • Recognize how mental and emotional issues impact performance 
  • Be confident making the appropriate referral 

Military & Law Officers

  • Have a confidential professional resource for support and guidance
  • Develop effective mental and emotional skills to manage the job
  • Sharpen effective communication skills to facilitate excellence on the job
  • Build and practice effective coping skills to enhance performance

Executives & Managers

  • Have a confidential professional resource for support and guidance
  • Execute effective goal and performance planning
  • Enhance work team environment
  • Identify areas for performance improvement
  • Clarify methods and strategies for performance development
  • Reduce performance anxiety and stress
  • Enhance strengths and growth areas with individual and team assessments and coaching

Looking for a Presenter

  • Inspire your audience with a glimpse into the minds of high performers
  • Discover the secrets of optimum teamwork for maximum results
  • Tailor presentations to your needs! 


Assessment, instruction, and consistent training toward skills mastery is recommended to:

· Inspire and lead a teamBackstroke.JPG

· Enhance emotional and energy management

· Lower stress and anxiety

· Enhance performance planning and goal achievement

· Improve self-confidence

· Manage diversity and adapt to change

· Develop successful routines

· Reduce pain

· Utilize strengths and enhance growth areas


· Commit to quality performance

· Lead from the middle

· Successfully rehabilitate from loss and injury 


· Improve comfort with taking risks

· Limit and manage unwanted distractions

· Perform under pressure

· Execute in the moments of performance

Contact us at 619.227.6304 or info@gilesllc.com

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We strive to integrate and achieve successful mental health and wellness, sport and performance skills. Learn more about all the services we provide. View Services

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Are you a parent or coach interested in raising a healthy, balanced, happy child in sports?


"[Introducing Your Child to Sports is] An outstanding blueprint for introducing any young person to sports, as well as a great manual for parents looking for answers to questions concerning their child's desire to participate in athletics."

Jackie Joyner-Kersee, The World's Greatest Female Athlete

"Introducing Your Child to Sports answers every question a parent could face at each phase of their child's involvement in athletics, and is definitely an extremely handy parental map for navigating the way to a child's positive and rewarding athletic experience."

Apolo Anton Ohno, 8x Olympic Medalist, Speed Skating

"Who better to write this book than Dr. Ross Flowers? His experience as a star youth athlete, college All-American and team captain at UCLA, and professional athlete - combined with his advanced education, sport psychology career, and being a father of three young athletes - may make him the best person to thoughtfully instruct parents on best practices and avoidable hazards in sport. It gives me great pride to know he's written a book that's needed for the youth community. 

Bob Larsen, 2004 Olympic Coach Track & Field, UCLA Head Coach Track & Field

The mental side of training is so important, and I truly believe it makes all the difference in the world. It is a process though, not only realizing the value of working on this aspect of your preparation, but also the trust and confidence that develops in the relationship you build with your Sports Psychologist over time. For me, this was huge.

NCAA Champion, World Championship Finalist, USA Track & Field 


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